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Session 4

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Kerwyn (Will), Durane (Matt), Quarion (Mike), Gwindaldorf (Tammy), and Rakhshanl (Brad, who arrives late)

4th of Suncrest

Marlak the sorcerer had agreed to examine the map that was found inscribed on the back of Sir Hanan’s shield. He called the group together and related his findings. The map leads high into the mountains west of Karkin. It indicates something in a shrine there. Marlak seems convinced that it is something of great importance. He asks the them to get it for him. He’s already given them most of his money in exchange for his previous mission, so everyone agrees to help him for a few potions he has lying around. They set out for the mountains.


The trail is rocky and narrow (about ten feet wide). Along the way, they contend with a pair of krenshars. Eventually, they make it to the mountain shrine. The rooms are carved out of the mountain itself. Inside, they find a massive, yet motionless figure. An ogre had made its home in the long-forgotten shrine, and is now sleeping. Kerwyn sneaks in and takes the creature’s weapon. Gante takes it and tosses it outside. Quarion is restless, and seems more fond of rushing in to kill it. The team manages to convince him otherwise. Kerwyn sneaks back up to the beast and kills it in one powerful blow.

In the next room, they find another rogue already here, picking a door lock. He hasn’t noticed them yet. Quarion, tired of stealth, draws his bow and holds an arrow at the rogue. He, in turn, draws his sword, and a standoff begins. Gante tries to get Quarion to stand down, but to no avail. After some diplomacy, they manage to learn that he’s here for a magical statue that’s rumored to be here. The team does some discussing. They don’t know exactly what they’re here to retrieve. They tell the rogue he can go ahead and unlock the door while they wait outside. Quarion, refusing to cooperate with him, storms out of the shrine and back down the mountain. After a minute or two, the team hears some angry shouts. The rogue had gotten in, but the legends he had gone on never mentioned the size of the statue. He leaves, complaining that all he could get was “one lousy garnet.” They walk in to check out the room. Hiding behind the statue is a hell hound, chained to one corner of the room. They figure their safe until it starts breathing fire at them. They fight the creature, slaying it easily.

They find a little more treasure hidden, but nothing magical. Epona and Gante study the statue. They know what it is: it’s a sort of magical lock. Once the key is inserted, a portal should open nearby. The obvious keyhole is the eye sockets, each about the size of a large gemstone. Gwindaldorf remembers that she found a garnet in Sir Hanan’s crypt. They reasoned that her garnet and the one just taken are the keys. They rush outside.

[Mike had other things to do, and Brad had just arrived. This actually worked to the team’s advantage.]

Meanwhile, Rakhshanl is heading up the mountain to join the team. He encounters Quarion, who relates what had happened so far. Quarion continues down the mountain, while Rakhshanl heads up. He encounters the rogue, who strikes him as suspicious. He tries to stop him, but he doesn’t seem interested in talking. This escalates to a battle, which ends with the rogue fleeing back up the mountain. Finally, he’s trapped amidst the group and fights to his death. The reclaim the gem and head back down to Karkin.

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