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Session 7

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kerwyn (Will)

The group was searching for the second of two garnets, able to open some sort of portal. From what they can tell, a group of merchants came through town the other day and bought the gem. They found the merchants captured by orcs, defeated the orcs, and reclaimed the gem. To make sure the merchants made it back safely, they escorted them to their destination: the town of Celes.

5th of Suncrest

After finding their way back to the main road, they escort the merchants north towards the city of Celes. Along the way, the merchants introduce themselves: Horatio (a short, slightly overweight man), Kayla (who remained quiet aside from giving her name), and a dwarf who goes by “Anvil.” They arrive at the city walls just as the sun hits the mountains to the west. The city is still bustling as they make their way through the marketplace. Horatio, Kayla, and Anvil beckon them to follow through the crowds of traders. Along the way, they’re offered several deals. Along with livestock, crafts, and something called a Dorban Box, a few less than trustworthy items are being sold: “Anti-dragon charms! Protect your family! Life-time guarantee!”

The merchants lead them into the cliche adventure starter: the local tavern/inn. The Riverside Inn is a pretty average as far as inns go. The food and lodging isn’t spectacular, but the characters can eat and sleep here. The merchants wave them over to a table. Anvil tells them (in a stereotypical dwarven voice) “Dinner’s on us tonight, lads. Need to introduce ye to the local dwarven ales!” A small argument comes up when the barmaid tells them that they haven’t gotten any dwarven ale in. Gante and Epona delve into the crowds, looking to find the local gossip. They learn:
1) A red dragon was seen flying over the town.
2) A small mining village in the mountains to the west is suffering from a terrible disease.
3) A local master chef did not show up to work. Investigating commoners got no response from the house, and complained of potent smells.

Before dinner, the party decides to hit the market. Kerwyn finds a nice dagger, Gante gets some silk rope and a grappling hook, and Glod got some crossbow bolts and one of those Dorban Boxes they heard about. [It’s a sort of puzzle game, basically a wooden version of the game Gridlock]. Asking for a bit more info, the salesman tells Glod that the boxes aren’t manufactured nearby, but were designed by a man named Edrick Dorban, an eccentric inventor. He tries to figure it out, spending about five minutes on it, but to no avail. Glod also wants to find a crowbar. He manages to get directions to the local metalworker, Torvus. Torvus is a gruff fellow, and very tall. The group is late in getting there, and he’s already shutting down for the night. He says they should come back in the morning.

The players head back to Riverside Inn for dinner with the merchants. Anvil goes off on tangents, often changing the subject to dwarven customs or his home, the hall of the dwarven lord. Horatio tries to keep the conversation out of Anvil’s control, and Kayla stays quiet most of the time. Conversation shifts to the anti-dragon charms that have been for sale outside.
“Dragon? Ha! No way. Just rumors I’m sure. There hasn’t been a dragon ’round these parts since the old age. No way is there…”
“Not so fast, buddy.” From behind Horatio, one of the more mysterious of the tavern’s attendees takes considerable effort to stand up. “Lishen here: that dragonsh no rumor. He’s a… he’s… for real.”
The man looks as if he’s about to say something, but instead proceeds to collapse on the floor. “Now ya see,” says Anvil, “if we’d a had dwarven ale here tonight, he’d a been down hours ago.” The group thanks the merchants again and gets a room for the night. The merchants tell them they’ll be in town two more days. They decide that before they leave town, they want to investigate the missing chef.

6th of Suncrest

The party gets up around sunrise, smelling slightly burnt eggs and some sort of meat. Gante, Epona, and Kerwyn grab some breakfast, while Glod decides to fiddle some more with the Dorban Box. Still no luck in solving it. Breakfast is interrupted by the sounds of screaming outside in the market. Gante looks out the window. There’s a dragon flying overhead. However, it doesn’t seem interested in the city below. The group doesn’t go after it, knowing a dragon is way beyond their expertise. They wait a while in the inn while the crowds calm down outside. An hour later, they try to find where the chef works. The learn that the chef’s name is Gendrew, and that he works at the Crystal Hall, a restaurant for aritocrats and wealthy merchants. They head down the main road, crossing a stone bridge, and find the restaurant. The rest of the staff is happy to give directions to Gendrew’s home, just outside of town. One of the PCs dig for a little more info and learns that Gendrew’s wife Andolyn is a skilled wizard. Since tying the knot, Gendrew took an interest in enchanted entrees. The staff worries that one of his experiments may have gone wrong.

They find the cottage with no trouble and immediately note the scent of burnt cheese. They peek in the windows, not getting much more information. The front door is unlocked. They enter a quaint little living room, with plush furniture. A book is open on a table next to the window. An archway leads to a dining room, and a door is closed on the adjacent wall. Epona checks out the door, listening closely. She hears rustling, no more. Kerwyn pushes open the door. Inside is a wounded man, tied to a bed, and some sort of imp ripping apart books. It doesn’t notice them, so Kerwyn shuts the door again. Glod checks out the book on the table. As he does, the curtain’s drawstring wraps around Glod, beginning to choke him. The book is also animated, and starts trying to attack him. The rest of the party hurries over to help out.

With the animated objects out of the way, they head back to the bedroom. Kerwyn sneaks in to get the first hit. The battle is pretty simple. They take the imp out, and Gante revives the guy on the bed. Turns out it’s Gendrew. He explains that the imp was sent by another wizard, a rival of his wife. The imp’s been tearing things to shreds, and has sent one of his experiments into a rage. The party tells him they’ll take care of the creature. They walk through the dining room and into the kitchen. The cookery is strewn about the room, with flour and tomato sauce all over. A staircase leads down to the basement pantry. Walking in, they come face to face with the experiment: a calzone golem.

Gante charges with his longsword, slicing the creature open. A spurt of hot tomato sauce erupts from the wound, burning the paladin. Epona uses her divine magic to create some water directly above the creature. This cools him down, keeping the heat damage to a minimum. Glod stays back and fires magic missiles and frost rays. Kerwyn is hit by one of his massive arms (and shot once by the healer’s bow) and is knocked out. Epona rushes over to heal him while Gante takes it out. Gendrew is, of course, grateful and promises them some good eats over at the Crystal Hall once he gets everything straightened back out.

[This adventure can be found here]

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