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Session 8

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Rakhshanl (Brad), and Kerwyn (Will)

6th of Suncrest

After rescuing Gendrew the chef from his own creation, the team decides on what to do next. They heard the other day about a mining town in the mountains to the west was suffering from some sort of disease. Gante spends the day trying to find directions. Since it’s getting late, they decide to head for the inn. The next morning, they head for the village of Duvik’s Pass.

7th of Suncrest

It’s a two hour walk, not long at all. They find the town nestled in the hills, surrounded by mountains on all sides. The town seems completely desolate. Through a quick search, they find that one house is inhabited. An older man answers the door. They do a bit of questioning and find that nearly half the town has died from the disease, which is apparently stemming from the mines. They decide to investigate.

Descending the mine’s steep paths, they arrive at the first split in the cave’s paths. At this fork, there’s also a body under an overturned minecart. Gante attempts to move it, only to find it was trapped. A thunderstone is triggered, deafening him and Kerwyn. Epona and Rakhshanl are just left with an annoying ringing in their ears. They decide to go east. It becomes obvious that the mines are heavily trapped as Rakhshanl and Gante fall in to a concealed pit. Gante tosses up is grappling hook and rope. Epona secures it, and the druid and paladin climb out.

They walk into a large chamber. In the western wall is an alcove about twenty feet up. They make their way into the room, but are ambushed: about a dozen crossbow bolts are fired from the alcove. None hit, so the team prepares for battle. Rakhshanl prepares his hawk (Beaker) for battle while the rest draw their weapons, or load their crossbows. The enemies show themselves: a team of kobolds. Beaker flies up and immediately engages in battle, causing one to lose his balance and fall from the alcove. They exchange crossbow bolts for half a minute. After most of the kobolds have died, their leader, a kobold sorcerer, shows himself. He fires rays of frost at them, but Beaker gives him a bit of trouble. The sorcerer incinerates the bird, knocking it out. A few more kobolds are taken out, so they try to rush up into the alcove. A dire rat is summoned, slowing them down. They climb up into the alcove. The cleric revives Beaker while Rakhshanl corners the sorcerer. He tries to escape, but is taken out by an inflict spell.

The team used a lot of their resources in the battle, and half the team is deaf. They decide to head back to the town and rest.

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