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Session 9

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), Rakhshanl (Brad), Arya (Sashsa), and Kerwyn (Will)

7th of Suncrest

Rakhshanl heads back out to care for Beaker. The rest are given a room to stay in. While they rest up, Rakhshanl relays the goings on to Glod and Arya. They decide to head up to Duvik’s Pass to help the others. They meet up and prepare to head back to the mines in the morning.

[Brad mysteriously didn’t show up to this week’s session, and Sashsa and Adam joined in.]

8th of Suncrest

The team heads back in. They find a few new traps, hastily installed. They decide to take the same path as last time, heading up to the alcove’s path. They descend deeper into the earth, feeling an unusual warmth. They find a circular room, piled with corpses. They cautiously make their way through, prepared for any of these to be animate. As predicted, a few undead kobolds and miners rise up and attack. Most of these died from the plague, making them especially dangerous. Epona turns the kobolds away, and Kerwyn takes out one of the miners. They finish off the rest with little trouble, aside from Kerwyn being hit. He shrugs it off, making his fortitude save. They press on.

Lower still, they find the town’s source of water: an underground wellspring. The enormous stalagmite jutting out from the water is covered in glyphs. Gante recognizes the symbols: worship to Gruumsh, god of orcs. They approach, but are ambushed by a sonic blast. Half the team is stunned. Gante and Glod look around, but see nothing. They assume the spell was cast from the top of the rock. Gante charges forward, seeking cover in a rock crevice. From stalagmite’s top, a figure leaps down. The orc stands up, revealing a massive mace. The battle goes on for less than a minute. Arya finishes off the orcish cleric with her crossbow. After the final blow is struck, the water becomes clearer and healthier-looking. Gante takes the orcs gear, and the team decides to check the rest of the cave before leaving.

They find the mess hall in the more habitable area of the cave. Several kobolds are sprawled out on the floor. All have succumbed to the plague. The group, assuming them to be sleeping, takes advantage of the situation and slays them all. Epona searches the bodies. This is quite a bit of contact, and her save is not as high as Kerwyn’s. Luckily for her, Gante is skilled in healing and keeps her from contracting the plague. They head back out of the cave, and inform the townspeople of what they found.

[This adventure can be found here]

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