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Sessions 1, 2

In the few days before the main story begins, a team of adventurers sits in the inn. The small town of Karkin does not know what is in store for these men and women, but judging from what the future held for these, the city would be proud to have them. Unicorns are rare in Kendra, so one in danger is a weighty problem. A woodcutter rushes into the inn with the news: the unicorn near town has been kidnapped by goblins. The adventurers at the old wooden table take it upon themselves to seek out the goblins and, if it isn’t too late, save the unicorn.

North of Karkin is a deep forest. It is not known for being filled with danger, but not well-traveled either. The summer’s warmth is kept at bay by the thick foliage as the team tracks the goblins deep into the woods. In a hillside, the group finds an old wooden door. They ready their weapons and burst inside. Four goblins wielding morningstars have surrounded the unicorn, who is unconscious. The team does battle with the goblins, defeating them after a few close calls. The unicorn is found to be under an enchantment, a sleep spell. With some work, the unicorn is brought out of it. Searching the hideout, the group finds some gold pieces.

Days later, the team is in the very same inn. They’ve taken some time to rest and are once again ready for adventure. An out-of-breath dwarf stumbles into the room, covered in sooty clothes. “Hobgoblins!” he exclaims. “They’ve captured Durgal!” He’s calmed down after a while and tells more of his story. He introduces himself as Rurik, a miner from the mountains up north. “My crew was diggin’ a new tunnel when we hit a hollow spot underground. Two hobgoblins crawled out and grabbed Durgal; he was the unlucky one to be closest to the hole. We’re miners, not soldiers. If you can help, we’ll make it worth yer while.” The team grabs their gear and follows Rurik to the mines.

Dwarves have darkvision, so torches do them no good. The team lights their own torch and cautiously enters the hole in the mine. Almost immediately, they’re caught of guard by a pack of dire rats. The team fights them off and continues through the passage. The door leading on is locked, but Kerwyn’s lockpicking is no match for it. Some old hammocks are in the room’s alcove, so the team assumes they’re close. In the next room, they see four hobgoblins arguing. Each of them has a sword nearby. Using surprise to their advantage, the team starts a fierce battle with the hobgoblins. Once they’re defeated, they find an old passage leading out to a hillside and some old barrels. Inside one, they find dwarven remains. They were too late to save Durgal, but had avenged him. Some of the team investigates the opening. It’s the passage the hobgoblins used to get close to the mines.

[These adventures were used to introduce the new players to the game’s mechanics and rules. We did them twice, each time with different players, so they don’t have a specific time frame attached to them.]

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