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Sessions 14, 15

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kerwyn (Will)

12th of Suncrest

The team checks the remaining rooms of the tomb, fighting off a massive spider, defeating a lesser vargouille, and dodging a fusillade of darts from a trapped chest. For their efforts they find a pearl, two bags of coins, and a magic ring that grants a bit of magical camouflage to the wearer. Prizes claimed, they head back to town.

[Major internet troubles led to us stopping here. More was planned, but we didn’t get to it.]

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Glod (Adam), and Kerwyn (Will)

Outside the tomb the rain has yet to stop, though it has slowed to a drizzle. The sun faintly shines through the thinning clouds. Marlak leads the way back to Hillport. Inside the inn, Reeve is waiting at the same table as he was the previous night. “I assume by your presence that everything has gone well?” Reeve tells them that because their help was unexpected, no payment was prepared. A feast for lunch would serve as their compensation. Marlak is needed to meet with Reeve for debriefing, though. After lunch and a bit of shopping, the team waits in the inn for Marlak’s return. Kerwyn is interested in the magic ring found in the tomb, and buys it off of Gante. Marlak walks in.

Well, from my account of the events, Reeve is impressed with your abilities. He’s also asked if you would like to help stop this threat once more. The goblins are up to something. People are spotting them all over Kendra. Ever since the war ended, few have been around, but they seem to be reappearing from where ever they’ve been hiding. There’s a camp of them nearby. Seems that undead we faced today was just one of many that were buried around here. Though the tombs were destroyed, the sarcophagi were all protected. Since they could not be destroyed, they were simply relocated. We can’t allow the goblins to get them. Our best course of action now is take out the entire camp. What do you say?”

The team agrees to give it their best, but believe a good night’s sleep is in order first. “Alright. But let me tell you this: the goblins may have prisoners. And though it is important to rescue them…” He shifts uncomfortably. “Destroying the goblins is our main concern. So, decide how you’d like to do this. I’m sorry to say that I won’t be accompanying you.”

13th of Suncrest

Well rested, the team sets off for the goblin camp. They walk down an old trail into the forest. They arrive at the tree line. The goblin camp is about 200 feet away, down a shallow incline. Any farther from there will leave them out in the open. Down this hill, they can see a large fire pit, surrounded by about 10 standard-sized tents. Some goblins are walking around between the tents and around the camp’s outskirts, and more are around the campfire. Those patrolling the area are carrying morningstars. Glod sends Quoth out to examine the area. He returns and tells them there were at least 10 goblins and bugbears. Glod creates the illusion of a lost merchant walking towards the camp. The goblins spot it and a few run after it. Glod pulls the illusion back to the forest where they’re ready to ambush. A total of six goblins are surprised in the forest and defeated.

To bring a few more in, Glod creates as illusory goblin waving at the camp. A couple of goblins see it and confer before walking over with a bugbear backing them up. The team surprises this group as well. The bugbear shouts for help, but the team slays him soon after. No reinforcements arrive, though. The team is a bit confused, and assumes the remaining forces are preparing for combat. The team decides to run in to finish the job. They don’t see any enemies, though. Gante uses detect evil and discovers they’re waiting in ambush behind a tent. Epona summons a celestial creature to catch them off guard, followed by a well-placed sound burst. The team rushes around the tent to face the enemies. They find two bugbears and the same red-cloaked goblin from yesterday stunned by the blast. The attacks are focused on the goblin, since they recall him having powerful spells. They manage to defeat them without much trouble. They find the prisoners in a tent, unconcious from sleep arrows. Gante lays hands on them to heal any wounds they have. Using the tents as materials, they craft some crude stretchers to carry the men back to Hillport.

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