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Sessions 24 & 25

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Kerwyn (Will), Arya (Sashsa), Gwindaldorf (Tammy), and Jim (other Adam)

17th of Suncrest

Gante and Epona, now facing a drow marksman, prepare themselves for battle. The rest of the team had been seeking to escape by running across the rooftops, but now run back to aid the paladin and cleric. The drow fires on the two, striking Gante with a crossbow bolt. In addition to the expected pain of a piercing bolt, Gante finds that the bolt is enchanted with a spell of anarchy as it twists against his lawful spirit. Epona, who finds herself halfway between law and chaos, takes the front to protect Gante. The rest of the team also climbs back into the tower, ready to join the fight. The drow raises his hands to cast a spell. The tower is suddenly engulfed in darkness. A few moments later, they hear the sound of a bolt being fired, but no one is hurt. Gante runs forward to find an escape from the magical darkness, finding light on the tower’s eastern edge. He calls out to the others who follow behind. Some stay behind to fight a few newcomers to the battle: goblins and hobgoblins. During the fighting, a few bolts fly out from the darkness, striking some of the team with incredible accuracy. The team climbs over the southern end of the tower, running across the roof to the two southern towers which are connected by a sort of bridge over the castle gate. The team sees more goblins and hobgoblins pouring out to the other towers, and even some bugbears. They jump on the southern tower, hoping to fend them off from up there. Since they dashed from the north-eastern tower, there had been no sign of the marksman. As Kerwyn climbs onto the tower, he spots the drow just below. He calls out to Gante who tosses a flask of acid his way. Kerwyn spikes the flask straight down at the unsuspecting victim. The drow backs away to the roof of the banquet hall and begins firing bolts at the team. They duck behind the parapets, but soon find themselves flanked by enemies. They all manage to make some kind of contribution to the battle: Arya fires a bolt from the other end of the castle to kill a hobgoblin, while Jim fires off magic missiles. They team up to defeat a bugbear, using all sorts of magic. Gante holds his own with his sword, dealing massive damage to a goblin trying to move in. Gwindaldorf uses her bardic magic to inspire confidence in the team, giving them strength for the escalating battle.

Players: Gante (Jon), Epona (Elizabeth), Kerwyn (Will), Gwindaldorf (Tammy), and Glod (Adam)

Faced with goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears closing in from all sides, the team does not sense a good ending to their adventure. They all manage to kill several enemies, but for each that dies, another steps in. Glod, done holding back, unleashes as many magic missiles as he can on the marksman. After the sixth, the drow falls to the ground. With their mission accomplished, the team finds a new goal: surviving. They know they can’t hold off all the waves of foes, but can’t come up with a way of esacpe. Kerwyn, surrounded by bugbears and hobgoblins, takes a chance: he tumbles between his foes, escaping their swings and arriving at the tower’s edge. Below him is a hobgoblin firing crossbow bolts at the team, but he makes his move regardless. He leaps from the tower, landing next to the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin aims his crossbow at Kerwyn, but before he can shoot, Kerwyn slices him with his rapier.

[Man, rogues get to do such cool stuff…]

Kerwyn jumps from there to the moat below, swimming to safety. Gante, Epona, and Gwindaldorf follow, landing without much trouble. Glod pulls up the rear, but is not as dexterous: as he jumps, a goblin’s morningstar knocks him unconscious. The team below catches him and prepares to make their escape. To be safe, Gante ties his rope around the gnome. Gwindaldorf jumps down and makes her way across the moat. Gante and Epona follow behind, carrying the unconscious illusionist. they swim across, and are able to support Glod, as well. Once they get to shore, they run from the castle. A few goblins try to give chase, but can’t keep up.

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